Did you know...

  • The California Healthy Kids Survey revealed that 37% of middle and high school students reported bullying or harassment – 75% of the reported incidents were bias related (race, nationality, sexuality, religion, gender, or disability).
  • Reports reveal that in 2/3 of recent school shootings, the attacker had previously been bullied.
  • While bullying, harassment and name calling is widespread, most incidents are never reported; victims are afraid and the majority believe that school professionals will respond poorly.
  • VACHI wants to change these statistics.

    Start a chapter today.

What is VACHI?

Voices Against Cruelty, Hatred and Intolerance (VACHI) is an organization dedicated to educating students, teachers and parents about the consequences of hate-motivated behavior (such as bullying, name calling and harassment) with the hope that with education will come the elimination of this type of behavior on school campuses across the country.

What Can I Do?...

The most effective way to stop hate behavior on school campuses is to teach every student who is a witness to take a stand. Positive peer pressure can make a big difference

Get Involved...

VACHI wants students to be part of the solution instead of the problem. Start a chapter now at your school to stop hate behavior now.

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